AlyssaBeth Kauanakinilani Archambault

sign painter and founder of AKA Signs

With a name like mine, one might think I was destined for a life in lettering. A common response my Mom would have for people who were taken a back by the length of my name was, ‘she learned her alphabet early’. Even though she was joking, at an early age one thing was certain, I was fascinated with letters, handwriting and drawing. I even taught myself the American Sign Language alphabet. Overtime, with my parents’ approval and encouragement my childhood bedroom became one large canvas. Interweaved among my music posters and knick knack filled shelves I would draw freehand on the walls. Occasionally, I would use my Dad’s projector to enlarge a favorite image or band logo to paint. I was even allowed to use Puffy Paints on the carpet where I would spell each of my friend’s names perfectly. Come high school I painted murals, and participated in several art shows and theatre productions. I ended up going to Long Beach Community College studying Art and Theatre, then I took an abrupt fifteen year detour into public radio and the music business. Once that ran its course life started coming back into full circle. My early passion for art and letters resurfaced when I discovered the two-year Sign Graphics program at Los Angeles Trade-Technical College and was under the instruction of Ralph “Doc” Guthrie, Carlos Aguilar and Bert Johnson. I have been a professional sign painter ever since.

Currently, I’m based in West Los Angeles and working toward my Studio Arts Associate of Arts degree and Jewelry Design and Fabrication Certificate of Achievement. In between signs and school I enjoy getting lost in various creative projects, family genealogy, gardening and beekeeping.


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